Opening hours
Mo.-So.:10:00 - 20:00 Uhr
Address and Contact
Leipziger Platz 9
10117 Berlin
S-U Bahn:Potsdamer Platz
Bus: M41, M48, M85, 200

Berlin, a historical gem

Situated at Leipziger Platz, the Spy Museum Berlin has 1,000 exhibits to explore to learn about the fascinating world of secret services. Visitors to the museum can get exciting insights into the history of espionage, presented using state-of-the-art technology.

Berlin is one of Europe's most vibrant historical cities. In Germany's capital city, you'll discover more about the erection and fall of the Berlin Wall, Bauhaus movement, Nazi regime, and more. The Berlin CityTourCard provides you discounted entry to the high-tech German Spy Museum Berlin.

Travel back to the gloom of espionage at the German Spy Museum Berlin

The German Spy Museum Berlin is one of Europe's most interactive museums. At the museum, you can delve into the world of espionage, crack the Nazi Enigma code, negotiate laser obstacles, or learn about spy gadgets. You'll find all sorts of remarkable objects on display, including gloves with hidden pistols, umbrellas with poison arrows, and bugging devices integrated into shoes. View them from different angles and learn more by using touch screens. Get to know what it takes to become a great spy and hack secret codes and computers. Spread across ~3,000 square metres of exhibition area, the spy museum boasts 3D presentations, 200 high-resolution screens, and exciting exhibits about World War I and II, spy gear, listening devices, and double agents. Be sure to check out the Facebook-Puzzle, which reveals the state of your personal data on the world’s biggest social networking site, and get informed on some of the best secret service techniques used by famous military leaders such as Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon. Get a Berlin CityTourCard for an entry discount of up to 15% at the Spy Museum Berlin.

The Berlin CityTourCard has been designed to make your trip to the city as fun as possible. Choose from a range of Berlin CityTourCards to suit your needs, order your pass online, and travel at your convenience with free access to the city's trams and buses. Your pass also offers great discounts up to 35% at 20 top attractions in Berlin.

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Adult:                  12,00€                                10,20€
Children:              8,00€                                  6,80€

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