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Digital Accessibility Declaration of the Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH


Accessibility is important to us. That's why we strive to design our websites and applications to be accessible. We are constantly working on making our website accessible in accordance with the Accessible Information and Communication Technology Act Berlin (BIKTG Bln) and the Accessible Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0).
This declaration on digital accessibility applies to the website

When was the accessibility declaration created or updated?

This declaration was created or last revised on 05/05/2021.
Compliance with the standards of digital accessibility design was checked by the web agency Werk21 GmbH. The check was automated by the web tool "Webhint". The tool checks accessibility according to WCAG.

How accessible is the website?

This website is partially accessible. The reason for this is, in particular, a disproportionate burden according to § 4 para. 3 of the BIKTG Bln due to the complexity and size of the website. We are currently working on the implementation and especially on the improvement of accessibility. Especially in the case of supplements and revisions, accessible design is always taken into account during the planning, development, tendering and procurement phases.

Which areas are not accessible?

  • Barrier: Naming of the parts of the content that are not fully accessible, reasons for this and, if applicable, reference to accessible alternatives.
  • Contrasts: Colours and contrasts of coloured texts as well as buttons and control elements are insufficient in some instances.
  • Alternative texts: For some control elements and graphics, there are currently not always meaningful alternative texts available. These are currently being revised.
  • HTML structural elements: Some elements are insufficiently structured and provided with the same IDs so that no clear control of the elements by screen readers is possible. The necessary adjustments to the markup are planned. Furthermore, some visible elements are excluded from use by screen reader technologies. A review of these cases is planned.
  • Link texts: For some links there is no meaningful link text.
  • Booking sections: Booking forms integrated via iFrame are not accessible without barriers.
  • Keyboard control: Keyboard control is not yet implemented for all elements of the website due to missing or insufficient focus highlighting.
  • PDF documents: Some PDF documents are currently partially inaccessible.

Furthermore, the following contents are not accessible according to § 4 para. 4 of the BIKTG Bln:
PDF documents published before March 15, 2019
Content from third parties that is neither financed nor developed by Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH nor subject to its control
Currently, the offers on the website are not provided in plain language or sign language.

Who can you contact with comments or questions about digital accessibility?

You can provide us with your accessibility feedback using the email form for reporting inaccessible elements or by emailing

Contacting Berlin State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility

You can contact the Berlin State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility for help or to enforce your accessibility rights if no satisfactory solution has been found after you have contacted us. More information and how to contact the State Commissioner you can find here