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BERLINS TAIGA's Potsdam tours take guests into a world between former restricted areas, espionage and the Berlin Wall in the shadow of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Potsdam is not only the city of Prussian palaces and gardens, but also has a fascinating 20th century history. After the end of World War II, Potsdam was the scene of the Potsdam Conference, which brought together the three most powerful statesmen of the time. Later, the city was one of the most important garrison of the Soviet Army in the GDR. As a "frontline city" during the "Cold War", the border fortifications of the Berlin Wall shaped large parts of Potsdam. The contrast between the architectural heritage of the Prussian residential city and the capital of the largest GDR district is still the subject of controversial debates on urban development and architecture today.

Selection of our tours in Potsdam: 

  • "In the Forbidden City" (2.5 hours / including Glienicke Bridge aka Bridge of Spies, Cecilienhof Palace in the New Garden, KGB district)
  • "Discover the Amazing History of Babelsberg Park" (1.5 hours / focus on the time after 1945, border installations of the Berlin Wall, escape stories)
  • "Potsdam ostmodern - the architectural heritage of the GDR" (2,5 hours)
  • "Potsdam city tour with a Soviet minibus" (3 hours / a.o. Old Market, Basin Square with Soviet War Memorial, Glienicke Bridge aka Bridge of Spies, Cecilienhof Palace, KGB district, Socialist Cosmos Mosaic Rechenzentrum)

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