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Explore Berlin flexibly with a rental bike! nextbike gives you 3 free rides of 30 minutes each on any its available bikes in Berlin and Potsdam!

nextbike is your public bike rental system in the city of Berlin. More than 5,000 bicycles are available to borrow at hundreds of stations around the city, whenever and wherever you need them.
When you purchase your Berlin CityTourCard at, you will also receive a code that gives you three 30 minute nextbike rides in Berlin and Potsdam for free!

How does nextbike work?

Once you register for nextbike, you can easily rent a bike via the app, the bike's computer, or calling the hotline call. Then it's off to explore Berlin!
You can choose between rates: daily, weekly, and yearly.

Returning your nextbike

In Potsdam, you have to return your bike to the official nextbike stations. In Berlin, you can return your bike to the official nextbike stations. But this is not a must. In Berlin, you can simply park your bike wherever you like, but there is a €0.50 fee each time you park your bike somewhere other than an official station.
Want to keep riding? Pay just €1 for another 30 min. and max. €12 for 24 hours.

It's as easy as this:

1. Download the nextbike app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Sign up with your mobile number.

3. Log in with your mobile phone number and your PIN (which you will receive by SMS). 

4. Enter your voucher code under Settings in the app menu and start riding!

    For iOS users: With the iOs App from nextbike you enter the voucher code in the
    Enter the menu item "Customer account".

Discover the best attractions with the Berlin CityTourCard

The most affordable tourist ticket for Berlin gives you three 30 minute nextbike rides in Berlin for free. Get the Berlin CityTourCard and also get unlimited use of all public transport in zones A&B (within Berlin city limits). If you choose Zones ABC, your ticket includes rides out to Potsdam or Oranienburg. The pass also offers discounts of up to 30% to other top attractions in Berlin.

Please note: this offer is only valid in Berlin and Potsdam and is only available if you purchase your CityTourCard online. Only one code can be redeemed per customer.

Contact for inquiries:
nextbike GmbH
Service +49 (0)30 12 08 63 64

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