All information on the Berlin CityTourCard

Use the CityTourCard and save as you discover Berlin. In addition to free on public transport, the card offers you at least 15% discount at the Top 10. .

Your advantages with the Berlin CityTourCard

  • 8 different ticket types for all means of transportation for 48 hours, 72 hours as well as 4 days, 5 days or 6 days
  • Various ticket options: ticket for the Berlin AB tariff zone (including Berlin and the Berlin Tegel Airport) or the Berlin ABC tariff zone (inclusing Berlin + Potsdam and the Schönefeld Airport)
  • Discounts of at least 35% at 20  attractions in Berlin

Berlin City Tour Card variants

All prices include compulsory value added tax.

Please note that an extension of the Berlin CityTourCard AB through a connection ticket for the tariff zone C is not possible.

Get your Berlin CityTourCard in one of our various selling points or online at the visitBerlin - Shop.

Claiming the Berlin CityTourCard discounts

Please note: Discounts can only be claimed when the (validated and valid) ticket is presented. It must be presented before the service is used!

Questions about the Berlin CityTourCard

Which versions of the Berlin CityTourCard are available?

The CityTourCard is available for the tariff zone Berlin AB (including the city of Berlin and the airport Berlin Tegel) or the tariff zone Berlin ABC (including Berlin + Potsdam and the airport Schönefeld):

Where can I buy the Berlin CityTourCard?

The Berlin CityTourCard is available in our Berlin Tourist Info Centres, at all ticket machines and ticket offices of the Berlin public transport services (BVG and S-Bahn Berlin GmbH), in the BVG buses and at the airports Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) and Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL). Find here all information about our sales points.

Please note: your validated and valid CityTourCard ticket must be presented at the service provider (discount partner) before using the service and receiving the discount!

Berlin CityTourCard tickets bought at the Schönefeld Airport can´t be exchanged. Please apply to our other, centrally located sales points, if you want to purchase and/ or exchange your Berlin CityTourCard. You can find more information about the purchase and exchange of tickets (CityTourCard tickets) in our General Terms of Use.

Where and for how long is the Berlin CityTourCard valid?

With the Berlin CityTourCard you can use the public transportation (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus and tram) for free in the tariff zone Berlin AB (Berlin) and Berlin ABC (Berlin + Potsdam) depending on the ticket option: 48 hours, 72 hours as well as 4 days or 5 days.

The validity of the ticket starts from the point of validation of the ticket and passes - depending on the ticket option - after 48h, 72h or 4 days or 5 days. The CityTourCard is validated for public transport and for the discount offers only with a stamp by a ticket-cancelling machine.

For example: If you validate the 72-hour ticket at 12am on 1 Jan. 2018, the ticket remains valid until 12am on 4 Jan. 2018.
Please note, that the 4- and 5-day ticket remains valid until midnight on the 4th, 5th or 6th day of use.

The Berlin CityTourCard (tariff zone AB and ABC) is valid for 1 adult and up to 3 children (6 - 14 years). Children under 6 years travel for free. Teenagers from the age of 15 years up pay the normal Berlin CityTourCard ticket price.

Can I use the Berlin CityTourCard to get to Potsdam?

Yes. The city of Potsdam is situated in fare zone Berlin ABC. So if you like to see Potsdam you need a Berlin CityTourCard for 48hours, 72hours, 4, or 5 days for the fare zone Berlin ABC.

Please note: the Berlin CityTourCard does not include Potsdam partnerns or rather give discounts in Potsdam.

Is there a discounted version of the CityTourCard?

There is no discounted version (students, groups or pensioner) of the CityTourCard.

Do children need their own CityTourCard?

The Berlin CityTourCard (tariff zone AB and ABC) is valid for 1 adult and up to 3 children (6 - 14 years). Children under 6 years travel for free.

Teenagers from the age of 15 years up pay the normal Berlin CityTourCard ticket price.

Which areas are covered by the tariff zone AB or ABC?

CityTourCard Tarif Zones

The tariff zone Berlin AB includes the entire area of Berlin (city center) as well as the airport Berlin Tegel.

The tariff zone ABC includes the Berlin city center as well as Potsdam and Berlin's outskirts. Berlin Schönefeld is also situated in the fare zone C.

Please note that you cannot extend the Berlin CityTourCard AB to cover zone C by buying a connection ticket!

When starts the validity of the CityTourCard? The moment of validation is crucial for the period of validity of the CityTourCard. The moment will be stamped on the CityTourCard, once you put it in a ticket validator.