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Insider Tour Berlin
© Eli Cornejo

Insider Tour Berlin

Discover insider stories from the locals with an Insider Tour Berlin. Allow yourself to be swept away in the magic and gritty history of the German capital. More ›


Berlin CityTourCard Berlin Like Local
© Berlin like a local

Berlin like a Local

Berlin's fascinating cultural heritage and history make for some fantastic sightseeing. Berlin is also a unique destination with a thriving art scene, mouth-watering food, and incredible nightlife! More ›


StreetArt Führungen 2019 in erlin
© isit Berlin, Photo: Dirk Mathesius

Streetart guided tours

Visitors to Berlin can take a closer look at the city’s street art on guided tours that take you past monumental murals and artistic graffiti. More ›


Berlin Erlebnisse CityTourCard
© Andreas Weber / Zoonar


From Reichstag to the remnants of the Berlin Wall, Berlin-Erlebnisse Stadtführung will help you explore everything about this magnificent capital. More ›


© Deezer nextbike

Deezer nextbike

Online-Special: Explore Berlin flexibly with a rental bike! Deezer nextbike gives you 3 free rides of 30 minutes each on any its available bikes in Berlin and Potsdam! More ›