Opening hours
Tur - Fri13 - 19 h
Sat, Sun10 - 19 h
Address and Contact
Litfass-Platz 2
10178 Berlin
Phone+49 176 434 57384
S-BahnHackescher Markt
TramHackescher Markt

Play this exciting scavenger hunt with the sophistication of an escape game in the heart of Berlin. Solve a variety of puzzles together as a team while enjoying the fresh air and along the way true sightseeing highlights and fascinating corners off the well-known main roads. Can you pass the challenge of Theodor Andem, the leader of the legendary Maranja Adventure Club?

How it works
Your team will meet our game master at the starting point (Litfaß-Platz close to the train station Hackescher Markt). There you will receive a short introduction and a tablet from us. On the way you will find mysterious objects that you need to solve the varied puzzles. The tablet shows you where to find the puzzles. You can also use it to exchange messages with your game master to hints as needed.
Like on a scavenger hunt, you puzzle your way through the city center for about 3 km and keep an eye out for special statues, facades and other clues. You can't just google the solutions or read them off a sign! Real teamwork is required here and you have to bring your gray cells to peak performance. Each player brings different skills and everyone will have to do their part.
The end of the tour is near the starting point. There you give all the items back to your game master and hopefully go your way again with a big grin.

Your mission
Theodor Andem is the leader of the Maranja Adventure Club: this elite club of adventurers and puzzle solvers consists only of the most capable members he can recruit. If you pass this demanding challenge, you can prove yourself worthy of Theodor and build your reputation as a legendary adventurer in the Maranja Adventure Club! Typically for Theodor Andem, of course you have to solve a number of different puzzles that he has prepared for you in the pulsating center of the city. Do you have what it takes to take on Theodor's challenge?

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