Nowhere else is the diversity of the capital as reflected as in the number of different restaurants. Berlin's Turkish cuisine has won a special place in the heart of all foodies - it is known and famous far beyond the borders of Germany. So if you're in the capital - with the Berlin CityTourCard you can easily turn your visit into a feast for the palate. Whether doner kebabs or Iskender kebabs: make use of all public transport and feast on Anatolian cuisine all along the hotspots.

Did you know that the kebab was invented in Berlin?


Or at least, who stuffed kebab meat from the spit into a roll for the first time is hotly disputed. The only thing that is certain is that the iconic menu, which today has become an unofficial capital city dish, was almost certainly invented in Berlin. Another reason for you to look for your own personal favourite Turkish restaurant. With the Berlin CityTourCard, you can choose how long you want to feast. Whether for 48 hours or 6 days - you decide! Hasir is a good first stop.

This restaurant started over 30 years ago as a small family business in Kreuzberg. There are now six different restaurants from Mitte to Spandau. Since you can get the Berlin CityTourCard at all important locations in the capital, it shouldn't be long before you are sitting in front of your first steaming kebab. By the way: According to the family, the name of the restaurant in Turkish means "straw carpet" and is supposed to remind us of the rural and simple origin of the food.

From one saucepan to the next

If you would like to treat yourself to sophisticated oriental cuisine, Black and White Istanbul on the Kurfürstendamm is the right place for you. Whether you'd like an Özel Iskender, i.e. different meat on torn flatbread with yoghurt and tomato sauce, or you want to taste manti, Turkish noodle pockets covered with paprika butter: It's all yummy! Last but not least, the minimalist interior of the restaurant in black and white makes every meal a sensual pleasure.
After a stroll along the Ku'damm and a short ride by train, you can decide whether you would rather go to a dungeon or climb the television tower to crown your visit to Berlin. With the Berlin CityTourCard you get a discount for both events! Or you can let the day end comfortably. At Baba Angora in Charlottenburg near Savignyplatz, you can dine outside and polish off the beautifully decorated dessert plates one after the other.
The menu also includes a worthwhile cross-section of Berlin's Turkish cuisine. This means you can enjoy the flair of Charlottenburg such as cold and warm starters or the delicious meat platter. So what are you waiting for? Invite a few friends and make a culinary discovery tour with the Berlin CityTourCard in the most delicious Turkish restaurants of the capital!

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