As a tourist in Berlin, you definitely won’t want to miss the city’s most visited museums. One of these is the DDR Museum in Berlin’s Mitte district. The DDR Museum focuses on showing everyday life in a country (East Germany) that ceased to exist in 1990. The history of the post-war German Democratic Republic (1949-1990) is conveyed in an engaging way that’s still based on research. Experience what life was like for many in Communist East Germany, living with a Wall in the middle of your city, and Stasi keeping an eye on everything you did. Authentic original artefacts and unique interactive installations are on hand waiting for you to check out. 

Highlights of the exhibition at the DDR Museum: 

  • A driving simulator in an original Trabant P 601 car


  • Mid-century modern, Communist-style flat

[instagram:] A five-room flat in one of East Berlin’s concrete high-rises has been fully furnished in period style and you’re invited to explore it in full detail. Immerse yourself in the everyday culture of the era and find out life wasn’t nearly as drab as some have made it out to be. 

Largest exhibition on East Germany in Berlin

East Germany tried to shield itself from the Western world with the Berlin Wall and barbed wire. The state’s security apparatus, the Stasi, kept tabs on potential traitors and prevent attempts to escape or cries for help. Sound interesting? Ready to find out about everyday life under Communism? As far as everyday life, the best answers in a museum can be found at the DDR Museum, covering more than 35 topics on over 1000 m2 of exhibition space.
The exhibition is divided into three main areas:
 1. State and ideology
 2. Public life
3. Life at home 

DDR Museum Shop

The museum shop is sure to have the right souvenir of your visit for yourself or your friends and family. You can choose between great products that hearken back to a past era, a large selection of literature on the GDR and, of course, some very special Berlin souvenirs. For true fans, there is a limited T-shirt collection and other products designed by the museum only available at the DDR Museum Shop. The shop is open to the public; museum tickets not required. 

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Other nearby attractions

The DDR Museum is located directly opposite Museum Island in the heart of Berlin.  When you leave Museum Island, cross the bridge to the east towards the TV Tower and Alexanderplatz, just ten minutes’ walk away.
Alexanderplatz is in the immediate vicinity of the TV Tower and the station there offers transport connections across the city. Several U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and regional trains as well as bus and tram lines stop here. Directly before or after your visit to the TV Tower, there are plenty of shopping opportunities nearby, including the large shopping centres Galeria Kaufhof and the ALEXA. It’s also worth checking out the mid-century modern World Time Clock at Alexanderplatz, erected the same year as the TV Tower. 

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