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Eis essen in Berlin
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23 April 2019

Ice cream parlor Berlin

It's that time again! The thermometer shows more than 25 degrees and the ice cream and ice cream parlor season has started. We have summarized the best ice cream parlors & ice cream parlors in Berlin's districts of your choice. More ›

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15 February 2019

Breakfast in Berlin

Exploring the capital city is even better if you’ve had a fortifying morning meal – so start your day in Berlin with a delicious and affordable breakfast. More ›

Die schönsten Lesecafes
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23 January 2019

Cafés near the Berlinale

Enjoy a touch of Hollywood, glamorous cinema events and the red carpet – and take time out for a cappuccino at one of the cafés near the Berlinale More ›

Best Burger in Berlin
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20 November 2018

Fast-Food-Check in Berlin

Whether it’s burgers, currywurst or döner kebabs: the following fast food check in the capital will take you to Berlin’s most enticing fast-food eateries. Bon appetit! More ›

Die schönsten Lesecafes
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12 November 2018

Cosy reading cafés in Berlin

You can read and dine to your heart’s content in the many cosy reading cafés that Berlin has on offer. Discover the capital with the convenient and value-for-money Berlin CityTourCard! More ›

Berliner Imbiss
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6 September 2018

Snack Stands in Berlin

Here is an overview of recommended Berlin Snack Stands: The best currywurst, falafel, etc., we introduce you to below. More ›

Berliner Markthallen
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3 September 2018

Market halls in Berlin

As early as the 19th century, Berlin developed its own culture around the market halls. Shopping becomes an experience in the historic walls. More ›

Kuchen in Berlin
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17 August 2018

Delicious cakes

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but also the capital of enjoyment. Enjoy the best cakes in Berlin with the Berlin CityTourCard. More ›